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Legion Pedestrian Simulations

Making the most of your facilities, assets and investments

Whether you are a transit agency, urban planning agency, sports venue or major event planner, Legion can deliver considerable capacity increases for your facilities, using your existing assets. We do this through a combination of Legion's unique predictive simulation technology, 15 years of consulting expertise, and integration with leading industry methods.

Legion's pedestrian simulation products are the only scientifically validated simulation products on the market. They are based on an unprecedented measurement program of actual pedestrians: 1000 hours of video footage shot in cities on three continents, and covering all relevant pedestrian contexts. They provide sophisticated modelling, analysis and presentation tools for a vast array of contexts and types of project.

But Legion’s value goes way beyond the data and analysis tools we provide. The true benefits of using Legion are realised in reduced capital expenditure, project cost savings, revenue opportunities, and improved levels of safety.