Legion simulations can be effective in all the main stages of a project.

Strategic and capital planning

It is during the strategic and capital planning stage of a project that Legion can have the greatest economic impact. Our models, simulations and analyses can have a major impact by evaluating as early in the process as possible where you need to spend money and where you don't. This can help you to maximise cost savings and allocate resources more efficiently.

Design phase

During the design phase of a new build or refurbishment, Legion software can help to minimise the number of iterations or alternatives you need to consider. It can do this by accurately analysing and comparing your initial potential designs. Accurate analyses lead to more focused and effective changes, which can help shorten the overall design phase. Additionally, you can optimise designs at an early stage and avoid costly design changes later.

Construction phase

Construction work as part of an upgrade to existing facilities is a common occurence and poses certain problems. Owners and operators wish to maximise the available space for construction and materials whilst remaining open to the public with as few service interruptions as possible. This is a difficult balancing act but simulating the effect of closures and the redirection of pedestrians and services can take the guess work out of the process.

Operations and planning

Operational needs and strategies change rapidly and a venue's response needs to be flexible. Legion simulations can help you to quickly assess the impacts, benefits and disadvantages of as many operational procedures as you can model. Test and stress-test different strategies using different designs and demand scenarios. You can also simulate and analyse evacuation and emergency situations by using Legion simulations in association with data from NIST's Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) software with our 'Environment maps'.

With regard to the train sector, Legion Software can test the efficiency of timetables, different types of train services, and the impact of factors such as dwell times and headways. We can even model, simulate and analyse carriages and rolling stock, taking factors like boarding and alighting into account. At any stage of operations, Legion simulations can help you to assess and optimise a station's performance from top to bottom.

Safety and security assessment

Every rail and metro station, football stadium, and airport requires an annual safety certificate. Commercial buildings need to test evacuation scenarios. Every major event needs to have effective evacuation and contingency plans in place. With Legion you can design, simulate and stress-test all such safety measures and features.

Using simulations, you can design safety and security plans based on a clear and accurate assessment of risk. Such studies can help minimise uncertainty and even identify areas where safety can be improved or unforeseen dangers designed away.

Customer feedback & case studies

"At Malaga Fire Brigade, we believe that advanced pedestrian simulation studies are increasingly vital to the design and safety of public spaces. We encouraged the use of Legion's software in projects like La Rosaleda Stadium and the Malaga Courts of Justice and the results were so compelling that we would like to demand that such studies are conducted for all public buildings above a certain capacity. To this end, we have submitted a formal change to the fire regulations and we are currently waiting for official approval."

- Jose Cruz Romero Angulo, Chief Inspector, Malaga Fire Brigade

Legion simulations were used to analyse and improve safety in relation to levels of congestion during egress at Düsseldorf Arena. Also, Legion partner WSP recently used Legion software to model and analyse a major Egress Management Plan for the Rose Bowl Cricket Ground in England.

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