Airports, with their high traffic levels, extensive check-in procedures, passport control, security checks and baggage reclaim systems can greatly benefit from Legion simulation and analysis. All these procedures and structures work together as an integrated system, easily analysed, redesigned and fine-tuned to provide better security and performance. Two major areas where Legion can help are:

  • Terminal planning
  • New airport design

 Legion software and services can assist with a wide range of projects including:

  • Commercial and retail opportunity assessment
  • Scheduling check-in desks
  • Expanding established airport capacity
  • Designing and testing evacuation and safety measures
  • Testing the impact of new or changing security measures
  • Analyzing and fine-tuning boarding schemes

Case studies

To see how Legion helped to analyse and manage projected increases in demand at a major London airport, please click Luton Airport.

Customers and projects around the world include:

  • Gatwick Airport
  • Barcelona Airport
  • Madrid Airport
  • Luton Airport
  • Venice Airport