Consulting Services

Project consulting

Legion in-house consultants provide expert support for Legion software but also many other facets of a project. Our consultants are trained in the fields of engineering, transport planning, architecture and operational research, thus they can help your team understand how Legion software fits into the wider scope of any project from planning strategy through to live operations.

Legion Consultants can support your project from start to finish by:

  • Capturing business requirements and objectives
  • Scoping the project and identifying the key tasks
  • Building the model for simulation (including all CAD, demand data and Legion modelling work)
  • Reviewing and analysing simulation outputs
  • Providing recommendations for redesigns based on model outputs
  • Identifying areas where unexpected benefits may be achieved
  • Presenting and delivering results to stakeholders and decision makers


If you already have enough consulting power, Legion can support your team with the model building stages of your project. Legion Modelling Services (LMS) support all Legion products, including Legion for Aimsun, a product developed in collaboration with Transport Simulation Systems (TSS). The key requirements for each Legion model are:

  • CAD plans of the facility (direct import of .dgn, .dwg or .dxf files is supported)
  • Pedestrian demand (usually in the form of origin-destination matrices)
  • Key data (escalator speeds, check-in distributions, service transaction times, etc.)
  • Operational information (one-way systems, signs, escalator and walkway directions, staff rotation, crowd management rules, etc.)

3D crowd animation

Legion offers an affordable 3D animation service, where we produce realistically simulated pedestrianswithin a 3D scene or model, based squarely on the accurate results of your Legion simulation. Legion's fast and cost effective service uses our standard 2D outputs to create a fully rendered 3D scene. However many pedestrians move through your scene, we can provide the realistic 3D quality you demand.  Legion 3D requires a 3D scene to be created and is compatible with leading 3D design programs, including Google Sketch-up and 3D Studio Max.