Key Markets and Customers

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Legion Simulation software is applicable in a wide range of markets sectors including:

Legion software and services have been used in 100s of projects around the world. From London to Paris, New York to Boston, in China, Hong Kong and Australia, major organizations such as the MTA, London Underground, The Olympic Games, and the NFL have all used Legion in a key project or initiative.

Legion's patented technology accurately simulates and analyses the step-by-step movement of pedestrians in all kinds of public facilities. The ultimate goal in running Legion simulations is to optimise the flow of people and the efficient use of space and facilities. This goal can have a dramatic impact on costs and revenues associated with a project, venue or system.

Integrating Legion simulations with your planning and decision making process, makes it easier to optimise pedestrian capacity in your facility, while balancing the constraints of the total footprint and available space.

Legion also offers a product which integrates pedestrian simulations with accurate vehicle data: Legion for Aimsun.