Legion 3D and Legion Viewer

Legion 3D

Legion 3D is a standalone product, which can be used alongside Legion SpaceWorks. It can visualise any simulated Legion model as a three-dimensional environment, featuring realistically-rendered pedestrians, physical features of a venue and other animations, such as the arrival of trains. The product interfaces with Bentley 3D, Autodesk's 3D Studio Max and Google's Sketchup.

Recording a 3D simulation
Viewing a 3D simulation

Legion Viewer

Legion Viewer is a compact and inexpensive application that enables you to play back Legion simulations and display pre-selected analytical outputs. It is designed to be easy to use and understand for members of your team who may not be familiar with all aspects of a Legion project. With Legion Viewer you can also zoom, pan and explore the model freely, rather than rely on a fixed aspect or sequence of camera positions.

Viewing graph and map