Legion Corporate

Legion was founded in 1997

Legion is a leader and pioneer in the field of pedestrian simulation. We offer the only software based squarely on real measurements of real people in many real contexts around the world. As such it is the only fully scientifically validated model available today. This pursuit of accuracy and validity has been Legion's focus from the start.

In our early years we concentrated exclusively on research and development: collecting data from around the world; developing and refining our algorithms; and developing the software. Since 1999, Legion has filmed over 1000 hours of video footage in cities on three continents, and covering all relevant pedestrian contexts. Our scientific research is ongoing, meaning that our collection of simulations and results continues to be the largest in the field.

In May 2003 Legion began to license software directly to customers. Several major releases later, Legion SpaceWorks has established itself as the leading software package used by the world's most prestigious infrastructure owners and engineering consultancies.

Legion software

Legion's core pedestrian simulation products are Legion Spaceworks, Legion Evac, Legion 3D, and Legion Viewer. In partnership with TSS we also offerLegion for Aimsun: an integrated pedestrian and vehicle simulation tool. Legion software is used worldwide to optimise the design and operation of public spaces and venues, such as:

  • rail and metro facilities
  • public transport hubs
  • sport, entertainment and leisure venues
  • shopping centers
  • commercial and public buildings
  • venues for major international events like the Olympics

Our software accurately simulates and analyses the step-by-step movement of pedestrians across all kinds of public facilities. The ultimate goal of a Legion project is to optimise the flow of people and the efficient use of physical space: a goal that can have a dramatic impact on costs and revenues associated public facilities. 

The accuracy of our simulations has been independently tested against real-world data resulting in endorsements by, among others: Crossrail, London Fire Brigade, London Underground and Santiago Metro. Across the world, designers, planners, engineers and asset managers have used Legion software and services to evaluate and optimise public spaces in improving safety, efficiency and profitability. 

The Legion team brings a wealth of experience from the fields of:

  • business
  • architecture
  • engineering
  • transport planning
  • operational research
  • software development

This knowledge and experience is reflected in the quality of our products and advice.