Legion Evac is a standalone product dedicated to the simulation and analysis of evacuation scenarios. It is an essential tool for consultants in the field of fire safety design and building management. It enables you to run and evaluate evacuations from sites such as railway stations, sports stadia, airports, office complexes, theatres, piazzas, transport hubs: virtually any place where people gather.

Legion Evac is based on Legion SpaceWorks, our proven flagship product. It uses the scientifically validated Legion simulation engine and possesses the same accuracy, ease of use and comprehensive analyses. It comprises two applications:

  • Model Builder
  • Analyser

and is also compatible with NIST's Fire Dynamic Simuation software (FDS).

The Model Builder is used to define the physical and operational characteristics of the pedestrian environment you need to test. Venue and population characteristics are represented accurately, which enables a wide variety of studies, from the very detailed, such as vehicle alighting, through to stadium evacuations.

Simulations are processed through the Analyser, which uses the embedded Simulator to calculate and visualise each step as people move through a model. The Analyser also displays and analyses recorded simulations using a comprehensive range of performance maps and metrics.

Legion Evac can export model definitions for use within FDS, which will simulate the propagation of fire and smoke within the environment. The results from an FDS simulation may be loaded into the Legion Evac Analyser for visualisation and analysis. By allowing conditions to be defined in a model, Legion Evac provides a powerful means to represent peoples reactions to the products of fire such as heat, smoke and toxic gases.