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Hung Hom Station Pedestrian Simulation Model

Legion SpaceWorks

Legion SpaceWorks is our flagship pedestrian simulation product. It simulates the movement of pedestrians in a quantitatively verifiable manner, taking into account how individuals interact with each other and with the physical obstacles in their environment. With SpaceWorks, you can perform virtual experiments on the design and operation of a site and assess the impact of different levels of pedestrian demand. The visual nature of SpaceWorks.
simulations, maps, graphs and videos make it a highly persuasive decision-making tool.
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Legion Evac

Legion Evac is a standalone application dedicated to the simulation and analysis of evacuation scenarios. It enables you to run and evaluate evacuations from sites such as railway stations, sports stadia, airports, tall buildings, piazzas, transport nodes: virtually any place where people gather. With Evac you can test the design and operation of a site in terms of egress and safety, taking into account operational strategies, changing environmental conditions and levels of pedestrian demand.
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Legion 3D and Legion Viewer

Legion 3D and Legion Viewer are standalone applications for use alongside Legion SpaceWorks. Legion 3D can visualise any simulated Legion model as a three-dimensional environment, featuring realistically-rendered pedestrians, physical features of a venue and other animations, such as the arrival of trains. The product interfaces with Bentley 3D, Autodesk's 3D Studio Max, Google's Sketchup.

Legion Viewer is a compact and inexpensive application that enables you to play back SpaceWorks simulations and display pre-selected analytical outputs. It is designed to be easy to use and understand for members of your team who are not  familiar with model building.
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Legion for Aimsun - Vehicles and Pedestrians

Legion for Aimsun brings together, in one product, our pedestrian simulations and vehicle simulations from TSS's leading traffic simulation product 'Aimsun'. This is the first time that any software within the field has provided fully validated simulation across the previously separate fields of pedestrian and vehicle modelling.
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Legion Studio

Legion Studio is our original flagship product, comprising the Model Builder, Simulator and Analyser. An innovative, market leading product in its day, it has now been superceded by the more advanced Legion SpaceWorks.
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Legion simulation software is patented and scientifically validated. Our simulations are checked and validated against a vast collection of real pedestrian measurements taken in more than 40 countries.
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Legion software is available under three licensing schemes: 'term licence' (monthly), 'annual licence' and 'perpetual licence'. Please enquire for more details about licensing and pricing.
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