Legion SpaceWorks: Next Generation Pedestrian Simulation

Legion SpaceWorks is loaded with innovative features and technologies that simplify and automate much of the model building process. It is now even easier to model complex operational procedures and quicker than ever to simulate and analyse pedestrian behaviour.

Key features of SpaceWorks:

  • The Data Template makes preparing and importing model data easier, more flexible and simpler to audit
  • Enhanced activity objects make it easy to model the full range of situations that pedestrians experience
  • Define, reuse and share user-defined objects
  • Simplified and automated analyses speed up the analysis stage of a project while retaining all the power and flexibility of the Legion Analyser
  • Entities react to temperature, visibility and toxicity in fire simulations

Legion SpaceWorks provides:

Easy data handling

Simple models

Powerful analysis

All data is stored in a single Excel template. Creating, editing and auditing is simple. Automated routing, increased intelligence and simplified objects make models easy to build and audit. The SpaceWorks Analyser automates common analyses while providing detailed information about each pedestrian.