Methodology and Validation

Validating Densities
Validating Densities
Validating Densities

Patented and validated technology

Legion pedestrian simulation is a patented solution,based on the largest collection of real  pedestrian measurements in the world. Since 1999, Legion has captured over 1000 hours of video footage and measured more than 8 million pedestrian movements  across many scenarios. The collection spans 14 cities on 3 continents covering more than 40 discrete contexts, no other simulation tool has this volume of real-world data. Legion model incorporates this vast array of data to  develop accurate computational algorithms, which are calibrated according to observations and validated against genuine pedestrian movements. The Legion model essentially reproduces the complex dynamics of pedestrian movements and precisely recreates the environment and activities encountered in real life venues. Please click

Agent based modeling

Legion's model doesn't contain any unsubstantiated analogies Legion's scientific model incorporates intuitive appeal: our pedestrians move on the principle of 'least effort'. Each chooses its next step in an effort to find the best compromise between directness of path, speed and comfort. These decisions take into account an agent's preferences and objectives as well as the context, environment and other pedestrians around them. The result is a precise well constructed model that generates simulations with predictive capacity across a wide range of situations.

Microscopic simulation

Legion simulations employ a 'microscopic' simulation model, which treats space as a continuum, using Spatial Objects (Entrances, Exits, Escalators, etc.) to define space utilization. The simulation navigates Entities on the 'least-effort' principle . The model incorporates Entity Profiles drawn from empirical data.

Ultimately, crowd behaviour emerges 'naturally' rather than through 'hard-coding'. This approach accommodates the variations, choices and chance events that characterize pedestrian movement in everyday life.