Rail and Transit

Legion is used by more than half of the top 40 transit agencies worldwide

Legion software is the mostly widely adopted simulation software in the rail and transit sector. Legion's patented technology accurately simulates and analyses the step-by-step movement of pedestrians within all the relevant facilities in the the rail and transit world. Optimising pedestrian flow, using space efficiently and safely, and implementing effective schedules are fundamental to the success and sustainability of rail and transit stations and facilities.

Legion software and services are ideal for a wide range of organizations and agencies within rail and transit:

  • Metro/subways systems
  • Rapid transit
  • Rolling stock
  • Overland railways
  • Regional railways
  • Commuter rail
  • Light rail
  • Bus terminals

Legion software and services suit a wide range of projects within the rail and transit sector:

  • Planning new stations and new interchanges
  • Refurbishment projects
  • Testing the suitability of new rolling stock
  • Dwell-time analysis and timetable planning
  • Operational integration with sports events, festivals, etc.
  • Evacuation and safety
  • Design and placement of retail outlets
  • Fare collection systems
  • Wayfinding and signage projects

Case studies:

London Underground – Legion helped London Underground with design and capacity enhancements for one of their busiest stations. Please see Covent Garden.

New York Pennsylvania Station – Legion simulated NY Penn Station, to alleviate platform congestion. Please see 34th Street Station.

Tsim Sha Tsui – Legion improved the operational efficiency of a major rail station in Hong Kong and optimised commercial space on the concourse commercial. Please see Tsim Sha Tsui Station.