Services and Technical Support

Legion offers much more than just software

Legion does much more than develop and provide best-in-breed pedestrian simulation software. There are many ways you can use Legion to help with your facility or project. In fact, the earlier you can involve Legion with your project, the sooner you can assess where you need to spend money and where you can achieve significant cost savings.

Modelling & consulting services – Legion's highly trained consultants are not only Legion software experts but are also well versed in the fields of engineering, transport planning, architecture and operational research. Legion consultants can work with your team to define business requirements and project plans and help you to fully exploit the power of Legion software. If you have enough in-house expertise, and only require support with building a Legion model, our modelling experts can support your team.

Training – Legion offers training courses for customers and partners. The courses are written and delivered by Legion experts who use the software on a daily basis and are closely involved in real-world projects.

Customer support – Legion provides prompt, high quality support to all our customers by phone, email and via the software Help menu.