Sports and Major Events

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New England Patriots Gillette Stadium

Legion used for every Olympic Games from Sydney onwards

Legion software and services have played an important part in the planning of every Olympic Games from Sydney 2000 onwards. We have also helped the NFL in planning for the Super Bowl. Legion has extensive experience of simulating sports stadia across the world from Wembley Stadium to the NFL New England Patriots Gillette Stadium.

We have helped test pedestrian circulation scenarios, ingress, egress, evacuations and the interaction of stadia with transit services. A successful sports venue must integrate effectively with local transport and support the efficient flow of spectators within and around the venue. Additionally, safety, accessibility,  and an overall positive visitor experience are key objectives that can be met with the support of Legion simulations and analyses.

Legion simulations are relevant and scalable for a wide range of sports venues & special events:

  • Sports arenas
  • Sports stadia
  • Major events
  • City events
  • Concerts
  • Olympic Games
  • Major championships
  • Expos
  • International events

The Sydney Olympic Games 2000

“This new generation of tools enabled us to actually see the human traffic flows, densities and use of space, well before taking irreversible planning decisions or implementing specific designs. In our view, Legion's software has an important role to play in the planning and operation of large and complex public environments.”

- Jim Sloman,COO, Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games

Case studies

Legion software contributed to the success of the Sydney, Athens and Beijing Olympic Games and is currently being used to help plan the London 2012 Games. For more information, see Sydney Olympics.

Legion's work on the Düsseldorf Arena focused on integration with transport and successfully reducing congestion during egress. To read more about this project, see Düsseldorf Arena.

To read about how our partners WSP used Legion Studio to help The Rose Bowl Cricket Ground in England attain Test Match status, see Rose Bowl Cricket Ground.