Technical Support

Each product has an annual support package, charged annually in advance. A package includes:
  • Telephone and email support for technical and modelling issues, including after-training guidance
  • Any software upgrades released within the support period

Legion provides prompt, high-quality support to our customers. Technical Support (including the provision of Enhancement Packs) is provided on a per-workstation basis and is dependent on the Licence Type(s) purchased, as set out in the Legion Software Licence Agreement and Order Schedule.

Customers can contact us through three channels:

  • Phone: +44 (0) 20 7793 0200
  • Email:
  • The 'Report Defect' feature on our software's Help menu

We log calls in our issue-tracking system and email customers with a reference number so that the issue's progress can be tracked.

If the issue is one which the support team is familiar with, the customer is informed and given modelling advice, a workaround and/or an estimate of when the problem will be resolved. In cases where the issue has not been encountered before, it is assigned to the member of staff best equipped to resolve the issue.

We welcome suggestions for improvements and new features and encourage our customers to clearly designate these as 'Enhancement Requests' and send them by separate email to