Urban and Commercial

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Urban development

Legion simulations are useful for modelling and analysing commercial buildings, town centres and areas of urban development. A sample of typical projects would contain transportation integration, new transportation interchanges and methods, as well as evacuation procedures. Urban planners, architects, engineers, construction companies and project managers can all benefit from using Legion software and services to help design and implement their plans.

Legion worked alongside the London Fire Brigade to film, model and analyse fire drills at Broadgate West, a multi-story building in London. For a detailed account of this project, including results and outputs, please click Broadgate West.


Retail is both a discrete sector, with the demands of individual retail premises at its heart, and also one which intersects with others sectors, such as rail and metro or air, where retail services form a crucial part of a site's design and service offering. The most important requirements within the retail environment are: shopping experience; accessibility; safety and security; and profitability. Retail planners must be able to model a multitude of activities. Pedestrian simulations within retail tend to have a far wider itinerary of activities to model, incorporating contingent choices and frequent changes of mind. To achieve this, an extremely flexible modelling environment like that offered by Legion SpaceWorks is needed.

Legion simulations enabled the New England Patriots to redevelop and improve both retail and spectator experiences at the Gillette Stadium.