Why Legion?

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Legion simulations can help your business achieve its goals

Legion simulations are trusted by infrastructure owners and operators; and by major engineering and architectural consultants around the world; to help design, test and validate a wide range of venues:

  • Rail and metro stations
  • Bus terminals
  • Airports
  • Sports and entertainment venues
  • Major international events (e.g. Olympic Games)
  • City streets (including interaction with vehicle traffic)
  • Tall buildings (with an emphasis on evacuation)

It is crucial for the owners and managers of these businesses and venues that designs and operating procedures are right first time. If not, large additional costs may be incurred and poor performance endured for years, even decades.

The key to optimal performance is: 'test before you spend'. Simulations based on correct scientific principles like those pioneered by Legion enable you to test plans before they are set in stone and before money is spent. They can also reveal how to optimise plans to deliver the required capacity in safety and comfort. In this way, everybody wins: pedestrians enjoy a better experience, while authorities keep their budgets under control.

Financial benefits and savings

  • Test the performance of designs before committing to spending money
  • Test different scenarios and levels of demand to optimise capacity
  • Lower daily operational costs by discovering ways to improve pedestrian flow
  • Reduce the need for re-work and refurbish by identifying issues ahead of time

Time savings

  • Simulations, with their clear and persuasive outputs can speed up the decision making process
  • Poorly performing designs can be quickly eliminated

New revenue opportunities

  • Analysing the use of space may identify new areas where revenue can be raised
  • Improving capacity and the pedestrian experience may lead to greater usage and income

Reduce risk

  • Capacity testing and evacuations can identify any risks within a venue before 'going live'
  • Simulations can test out different operational procedures to optimise safety and efficiency
  • Improving capacity and the pedestrian experience may lead to greater usage and income

Green issues and sustainability

  • Simulations can help you to make public transport and public places more efficient. This could help you to achieve a greener, more sustainable facility.